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If you really want to make a difference… support the Junior League of Amarillo. We are doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, business women, mothers, grandmothers, volunteers and friends who give more than 2,000 volunteer hours every year. We are unstoppable in making an impact in our community. Simply put, we have the woman power to get the job done!

The Junior League of Amarillo was instrumental in the formation of the 9-1-1 emergency program in our community. We assist in providing free quality urgent medical care to the uninsured in Amarillo. We are women who foster education in one of the most impoverished areas of this city. And those are just some of the many things we do right here in Amarillo. With your support we can do so much more!

Our community based projects rely on donations from individuals and organizations. We are focused on combating generational poverty that is crippling our city. We need your help. Here’s why donating with JLA goes so far.

  • Your contribution is increased more than three-fold when we match our hands on JLA volunteers.
  • We’ve done the research into where we can make the biggest impact in our community. That means we will carefully discern which local charities need the most help and will use your gift to the maximum advantage.
  • We are a training organization empowering women of all ages to become leaders. Our members learn lucrative skills to become community leaders and help change the city for the better.

It’s simple, support us… support Amarillo! Donate! Attend one of our amazing fundraisers!

Corporate Sponsors

We would like to thank our donors, sponsors and members for the generous support they have given JLA. We could not so passionately and generously support our community without you.

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