Requesting JLA Support

If you are a non-profit organization seeking volunteer and/or financial support, please see below for ways the Junior League of Amarillo can assist non-profit community agencies.


Full-term projects are designed to help initiate or expand a community service of a non-profit agency through volunteer and funding assistance. This request should include significant volunteer and training opportunities. A full-term project should provide a minimum of five volunteers with 30- 50 volunteer hours each. The Junior League shall not act as a fundraising agent for other organizations. Full- term projects submitted last  year are for a two (2) year term and must fit within one of the following impact areas: Building Stronger Families, Children and Youth, Civic and Cultural Enrichment, or Women’s Health and Well-Being. The evaluation and approval process takes up to one year from the initial request to the approval vote by membership. All full-term projects are contingent on the commitment of our volunteers through placement.

Current Projects for 2023/2024:
• Student Success
• Achieve
• Period Project


Our Community Assistance Fund allows the Junior League of Amarillo to respond financially to critical needs in the community without volunteer involvement. The request must meet critical needs that affect life, health or well-being and must be acted on immediately. Funds must be used in the Amarillo area and requests may be accepted anytime throughout the year. Requests for funding must be made and funds expended during the fiscal year which is July 1-June 30. If you would like to apply for a grant from the Community Assistance fund, please use the form below.




Done in a Day projects provide assistance by offering volunteers for community-based events on a short-term basis. Volunteers can provide support at a variety of events. Please keep in mind that the Junior League cannot act as a fundraising agent for other organizations. Volunteers can help with events such as picnics, food bank distribution, holiday parties, egg hunts, race water distribution, just to name a few areas of assistance. When non-profit agencies are limited in achieving their goals because of lack of volunteers, this program provides a dedicated group of JLA volunteers to work on short-term projects. If you wish to submit a Done in a Day proposal, please complete form below and email to us at


4. Brown Bags (Applications Due in October 2024):

Brown Bags represent an internal fundraiser within our league, where members assemble bags filled with items requested by local non-profit organizations. Each year, we select 3-5 different local non-profit organizations to support through this initiative, held annually in December. The recipients range from 10 to 50 bags, each containing essential items tailored to meet the specific needs of the chosen organizations.

For example, we’ve had the pleasure of contributing to a local non-profit organization with a Love Box Program. Through this, we provide essentials such as deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and toiletries. Our contributions enable the organization to create several one-time love boxes, offering support and care to individuals seeking assistance from their services.


For questions, please email us at, or call our office, 374-0802. Please submit your complete application (only 1 copy is required) to the address below:

Junior League of Amarillo
1700 S. Polk St.
Amarillo, TX 79102-3151