Storybridge is one of our community placements for the 2022-2023 year. Our volunteers played an integral role in the Storybridge Live event held at Hodgetown. Full of characters that kids love and inspiring their creativity in a safe place, parents were happy to be there as well. Anna Ortega, one of the Storybridge placement coordinators, said, “In just three months, we have been present at 11 Storybridge events! Tianne (Yarbrough) and I are blessed with our amazing JLA Storybridge team. One of our favorite memories has been watching the girls engage with children and parents as they help them pick out books to take home.” Storybridge believes that the gift of a book opens endless opportunities for children in our community. A new way that the League supports Storybridge is through our new Little Library, which has been installed in front of Shelton-Houghton House. Members donated books to fill the library, which are free for children in our community to take home.