Homecoming Mums with Amarillo Children’s Home

JLA Member Farrah Shah Volunteering at Mum Making with Amarillo Children's Home

JLA Member Farrah Shah Volunteering at Mum Making with Amarillo Children’s Home

On Sunday, September 10, the Junior League of Amarillo participated in the annual Mum Making for Homecoming with Amarillo Children’s Home.

JLA’s longstanding relationship with ACH is linked by a common thread to create generational change and provide experiences for children, who for a variety of reasons need a supportive place to live. 

Mum making for Homecoming with ACH has been an time honored tradition for 10 years and is an experience that allows kids to be creative and create a personalized keepsake to be cherished for years. 

Jennifer Langly, board member for ACH said, “ we are so appreciative of the the partnership with JLA. Your volunteer commitment provides 18 children an opportunity to enjoy all the traditions of high school homecoming to the fullest. A time when our kids just get to be kids, thanks to the kindness of all the volunteers who come to help and support.

Mum making continues to be a JLA favorite DIAD according to Farrah Shah who said, “I loved making Mums at the Amarillo Children’s Home. Spending time and helping individuals get ready for homecoming was so rewarding! I love hearing their stories and customizing it to their personality.  It’s something small but it was so much fun. I will volunteer next year to do it again.”

JLA would like to extend a sincere appreciation to all of the ladies that served with this Done in a Day project. Service is the heart of our organization, and we appreciate your time and commitment.