Homecoming Mum-Making with Amarillo Children’s Home 2022

The Amarillo Children’s Home has provided a home, security, and acceptance for displaced children since 1924. When children in the Amarillo area need a supportive place to live, the outstanding members of ACH go above and beyond to provide care for each child. One of the many activities they organize is Mum-Making for the Tascosa High School Homecoming. The high school-aged children staying at the Amarillo Children’s Home attend Tascosa High School, and the event allows them to feel involved with school activities.JLA members that volunteered for the two-night event helped 15 high school students. Belinda Palacios, Executive Director of ACH and JLA Sustainer, was thrilled to have JLA members help the children make mums for a second consecutive year. “This truly is a community effort. You’re helping your backyard. When you give to the Amarillo Children’s Home, you’re helping kids that have grown up here, that were born here, and more than likely will stay in the Amarillo area.” said Palacios. Emily Bell, Director of Development at ACH, led JLA members through the process and materials of making mums with each child. Palacios and Bell sat down and talked with Raquel Roberson, 1st year active member. Roberson herself had spent seven months at the Amarillo Children’s Home in high school when she needed a place for housing and security. She looked forward to helping the kids feel noticed and valued at the mum-making event, knowing the struggles and obstacles the kids face. “I’m absolutely grateful for this place. They were here when I needed them,” Roberson spoke about her ACH experience. Roberson has even befriended a child staying at ACH and maintained a relationship to be a beacon of hope. “She’d call me, and we’d talk. I encouraged her, letting her know I’d been there. I know exactly how it feels. I have lived this, and I know what it’s like. Making that connection with her has really helped her.” ACH houses 31- 40 children in total.

From left, Belinda Palacios, Raquel Roberson, and Emily Bell pose for a group photo during the Amarillo Children’s Home Mum-Making event with the Amarillo Junior League. Photo by McCall Money.