How to Join

Why Join?

Are you looking for a way to meet new friends, give back to the community and grow as a leader? The Junior League of Amarillo (JLA) might be a great fit for you!



Currently, the Junior League of Amarillo is a network of 119 Active women and 529 Sustaining women.  By joining JLA, you will become a New Member, where you will gain valuable training in leadership and community volunteerism.  You will join a group of women seeking to make an impact on their community.


Eligibility to Join JLA:

JLA welcomes New Members once a year.  JLA runs our organization similar to a school calendar year (June-July).  We accept application for membership until June 30th for the following calendar year.  We hold several social events and informational during the year.  Please contact our Recruitment Chairs, Farrah Shah or Scotti Vaughan

There are a few requirements you must meet to become a member:

  • 22 Years of Age per JLA Bylaws, Article IV, Section 2
  • Reside within the Amarillo Metropolitan area or surrounding counties
  • Interest in voluntarism
  • Commitment to community service
  • Interest in developing her potential for voluntary community participation



Per the current JLA By-Laws, each Provisionals member is required to have one active or sustaining members sponsor their membership.  You can either obtain these women’s sponsorship yourself, or we will introduce you to one of our amazing women that can’t wait to get to know you!  Please let the Membership Development Chair know you need to obtain sponsorship when you turn in your membership application.  Click here for the Sponsor Intent Form.


How to Apply:

The Junior League of Amarillo Membership Application is here.  Please bring this to an informational meeting, dropping it by the Shelton-Houghton House during regular business hours, mail it to:

Junior League of Amarillo
c/o Membership Development Chair
1700 S. Polk
Amarillo, Texas 79102

Or email it to : or