Book Club – Spring Updates

We are still reading along and going strong with the JLA Book Club! Our April event will be on the 25th at Shelton-Houghton House, hosted by Brande Bigham featuringThe Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. Members had a lot to say at the January Book Club meetup, discussing The Golden Couple: Summer Roberson- “I love the book club; it is an amazing addition. I read so much, and it is great to have other women reading the same book as me. To message anybody at anytime and just be like did you see that part, it is just so much fun to have something extra to have in common with the others.” Brooke Pace- “Well, I am really excited that we have a book club in Junior League now, because it gives us a chance to get together just for fun. To finish the books that we have started and get to talk about them.” In addition to all the above, our Read a Book, Donate a Book is reaching new heights and excitement has spread across GMM nights when we give praise in a random drawing from submissions! Will you be the next to join in on our JLA Book Club Squad and walk away with way more than just a read book?